Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Nest our next

Knock, knock
@The Nest (end 2006 to mid 2008) - nestled in the heart of Catholic Bandra, in the quiet lane right behind Mehboob Studio, where very few of the original bungalows have fallen prey to gluttonous builder-development. Thanks to the prosperity & pride of the Mumbai Catholics, the colony stands manicured, landscaped almost pristine and we became quite respectful of them, living amongst them. The Nest - this barely 3-storey building with one apartment each floor, big balconies, windowsills with small patio-like extensions and brilliant grill work overlooking Gulmohars, Peepal and Coconut Palms. And incessant bird chirps!

My living room by the sunlight

My sun streaked dining area
The bar

My Chaise by the lamp shade

the Sideboard 

The balcony overlooking the Palms


  1. Lovely family and I am glad I am here from ouat. The rooms are so lively and loved those period furniture set with splashes of Blue.

    1. Thank you Shanthi, glad I 'm able to share my passion!

  2. You've got a lovely home and a lovely blog! Am your newest follower!

  3. thanks Ambika... look forward to sharing with you!

  4. just love ur fact i love all of ur homes....beautiful n neat....each with diff styles...loved ur furnitures too... and trendy....bookmarked ur blog already!!!*smiles*


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