Wednesday, 2 October 2013


They travelled places with me;

wrapped, unpacked, put in boxes, in soft folds, unwrapped, relished when revealed,

subject of ideas, imagined murals, conjured collages,

stuff of dreams & escapades on the wall, corners, centerpieces

and finally rest(ed) in peace, piece-by-piece, in a wooden casket of Burmese origin,

of toil and labour of weeks and some.

Now standing Regal, centre staged, no more in parts, now as a Whole

bringing moodiness to all that surrounds :)



  1. Aap kya hoon yaar Nivedita. absolutely gorgeous!!! I can feel the tiles, frames & glasses sitting 1000 Kms away...! Stunning

  2. and I can feel the warmth of your appreciation 1000 KMs away. Much love.


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