Thursday, 13 November 2014

In the spirit of Tea

With passing years, our readiness for novel tea adventures, our tenacity for sampling new flavours, fragrances and textures is taking a turn for a wanderlust le cuppa!

Somehow, when I think of our progression - generic tea bag convenience, to boiling tea, to sugarless, or mildly sweet, with milk or no-milk brews, to exotic aromas and leaf tea aided by tea brewers & diffusers of many varieties - the journey is akin to our own maturing in life@40s. A stage of life utilising more of the five senses at disposal, a stage that is allowing heightened appreciation of small, tiny (Tea) events in a day, a somewhat amplified consciousness that is allowing appreciation of the mild, the gentle, the tender, the unassuming, the 'hinted'.

Tea - a spirit for the awakened senses :).

and this never told history of Tea in Indian lives just brews my fascination deeper. Read on's-passion-for-tea,-in-eight-images's-passion-for-tea,-in-eight-images

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