Thursday, 10 September 2015

Greenscaping a Welcome

They say घरकी मुर्गी दाल बराबर and it has been very real for me (in fact for my eldest sibling, my dear DiDi). 

I pen and curate this site and am always game for that infusion of inspiration from decor ideas, genius and creative twists aka treatment to spaces be it homes, exteriors, resorts, anywhere at all. In the same vein, I've forever been in awe of what my sister has been doing so beautifully with greens and landscapes for almost a decade now ( Arishi Greens (as some of us know it) has so gently grown into a venture of the heart, labor and creativity.

Today's post, however, is more pointedly about the unequivocally creative welcome lobby of her home in Lajpat Nagar. Every-time I visit (which is once-a-year) there would be a certain something new; another unique grouping of various art, craft, green-life; or an entirely genius twist to all notions I have of a welcome patio. And this time I decided I MUST pay homage to her 'special welcome space' on this space and share with you all, my Peeps.

While you're at it, notice the small happy details, the mood 'flavour' created by the different sizes and colours in grouping, notice how potting greens in simple, everyday, make-do-genius cups 'n pots brings the 'charming' to life! and Mind you, all the greens and landscaping are her own!

I so wish to export her to do one such transformation to my welcome lobby (if I ever have one)!

See, swoon, salivate :)

My absolute favourite 

The landing of the stairs; at the entrance to the lobby

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  2. Such a beautiful welcoming space. This is so live with greens and sculpture. Your sister has really done it well.

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