Friday, 25 November 2011

My first Home Alone!

In early 2000, my work destiny brought me to Mumbai, (Bombay then) hopeful, apprehensive at not having had a chance to choose the apartment that was to be my home for at least the year, I planned on being here!

Uma, my admin person who singlehandedly held the keys to my new abode, brought me to this one-bedroom (1BHK) pad in Andheri- 7 Bungalows. Oh oh what's that - a gilded, caged, trying to be wooden floored drawing room! I remember I ran to the window to see if the grills could be moved - nope rock solid! and that choked claustrophobia is my first memory of my meeting with the home where I'd live alone!

The feeling stayed though I think it was also borne out of the terriblly empty feeling of opening the lock to an empty bland house, every time I came home! All of you who've lived alone would know what I'm talking about. I had the length of a year and I dived into making the pad happy, in colors, hues & shades & hence live-able.

And the magic of colors came together!

My caged windowsill

The still alive Chaise Lounge from Chor Bazaar

A peek at the matching arm chair from Chor Bazaar, and the small triangular table follows

Don't miss the flooring
I'd always known that I'd not have a bed in my place - and some mattresses and cushions thrown in with some panache, some attitude. However temporary, i was still unwilling to buy off-the-rack generic stuff. This basic tenet, saw me make a trip to Juhu galli to design & order some wrought iron basics - thus came my wall mirror, dressing stool and my TV rack. The want of some wooden balance to all the iron stuff made me make my first trip to the Oshiwara Old furniture market. And what did I find - some lovely wooden cabinets - one to serve as my dresser and itsy-bitsy storage and another one to host my few glassware and quaint belongings.

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