Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Conjugal trimmings

long view of my living area
Leapfrogging to 2005 and Narayan (we marry in Nov 2005) and I attempt to assimilate the possessions of two successfully living alone & acquisitive individuals. The attempt was carried out in this lovely modern studio-ish apartment on Bandra Mount Mary road. The apartment came with its own very contemporary furniture, some of which we retained on the pretext of spring cleaning some furniture- aberrations acquired over the years. Couple of single friends bought off some of the duplicate possessions and under God's keen eye the integration seemed well on its way.

Pinks & Purples entered my home scheme

The bookshelf created a divide between the living area and open kitchen
Finally a bed in my home
I'm searching for the pictures of one of the most fascinating aspects of this apartment - the bathroom attached to the master bedroom. Electric blue in theme, small tiles in hues of that blue on the floor and parts of the wall, pristine white fittings to offset all that blue! Still looking and am sure I got them somewhere since I wanted to copy parts of it when I build my own!

some quaint tea-light holders

knock, knock

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