Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The homemaking contagion

Lived in that temporary mindspace for a good part of the year, never giving up though never settling in either and then the best thing happened! My dear friend Shalini moved in from Bangalore - an artist, a veteran shifter (if there's any such word) & home maker par excellence, who had settled and re settled again & again; in the early years shifting wherever her father's job took them, and later on in her working years wherever work and a new career took her!
She landed in Mumbai, stayed with me for a month till her stuff arrived, we dived into house hunting at every free instance and that was it! An intrinsic & contagious girlie instinct took over and I really began romancing with the idea of HOME away from Delhi!
Shalini's stuff arrived and she head-longed into setting up bit by bit. All this while, my home too started looking more and more cared for & long term. Few more purchases, not all utilitarian, some fanciful and some simply girlie was now occupying promising spaces in the house. Even the trying- to- be- wooden flooring attained a  hue of it's own with some low, diffused lighting, put up here & there.
Love the play of colours and the grouping of overhead lamps

Shalini's two-bedroom apartment in Malad, and Yes those frames are by Shalini!

Every weekend became a further-setting-up  weekend mostly at Shalini's (at Malad) or at mine! Fully therapeutic occupation I can tell you that!

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