Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Spring-Summer'16 addiction

Florals, cottons, blues, yellows, peaches, soft greys and whites have replaced the embroidered, silks, reds, oranges, amber and all their warm hybrids in my home. It's their way of saying 'our time has arrived - the Spring in my step is here!'. Just like that the plush woollen carpet in red had started feeling stuffy under my feet so off it went for its annual bath before it was wrapped away in storage. And for some days, we as a family are thoroughly romancing the feel of the cool marble flooring and walking around barefoot in the living space. 

It's true that every Change augurs Action; or is it that action augurs change? Whichever way it goes, the emergent energy and momentum overrides all incumbent inaction, limbo or lethargy that would've seemed solid and impenetrable right before. Yes, I am talking about my blogging regularity—an instinct—always there at the back of the head but never really arrived via my veins through my fingertips to the keyboard in the last few months. Any  blogger or writer is familiar with these blank phases—and in the end the regular-funny reminder that only writing begets writing:)

And while at it let me share some Tips for the season:
  1. It's still cool to make things look lived in and carefree. 
  2. Weathered finishings are in.
  3. Faded pastels are absolutely desirable. 
  4. If you have too much wood (which I have), plants or ceramic (these offer warmth) give it a cool contrast with stone, blu-grays and peaches to add a summery vibe.
  5. Mustard is a beautiful bridge between the warm and cool season, use it cleverly.
  6. Play around with textures - Linen, Jute, sheer cotton are drool-worthy summer add-ons.
  7. And as always, Indigo rules!

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