Friday, 20 July 2018

Drama, Lighting and small spaces

Just back from our vacation in Barcelona and our first stay in a Loft Space. This gorgeous loft, full of light, in a totally renovated 19th century flour mill factory, in 'El Poblenou', Barcelona's trendiest quarter, was our home for more than a week and decisively stole my heart. The stay brought alive many musings that my mad-mind is muddled with every so often.  

Well into our 40s, we often deliberate on our retirement home. We have homes in Mumbai and Pune, but neither quite fit into the quietude, vibe or charm that our dreams of retiring in are made of. Having lived in some of the most beautiful homes in and around the country, we often find ourselves dial back into how we felt in a certain home or space, how we would monopolise some living areas or how certain parts of a home was left unused.These ruminations mostly veer towards how the best corners, spaces and cumulative good vibes of all these homes can help bring to life a Home, wishfully, by magic :)

While these musings are ripe again, the Loft crystallised some elements of such a home for me. Apart from some obvious take-aways like a home need not be big (which we will deliberately ignore in the final scheme!) Drama and Lighting are the two new entrants into my sensibility. And here I share some pics to tell you my story.

The Loft is on a high floor, truly luminous, with huge windows overviewing the city, with plenty of sunlight. Despite the ample play of natural light, the decor incorporated chic statement lighting that brought in drama and impact.

The quaint and ample sleeping space partitioned by a wall sized wardrobe
fully equipped compact kitchen space
The charmingly refurbished factory ceiling adds its charm 
And as you would have guessed, this up-cycled memorabilia 'n book shelf I intend to copy as closely as possible. Made of discarded wine crates!

View of the Torre Agbar and the Tibidabo Mountain, from the windows!

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