Thursday, 17 August 2017

15 days of Delhi

Some precious and random vignettes from the 15 days I spent at home in Delhi; when I barely stepped out, merely and totally absorbed Mom's new home, visited my siblings' and their beautiful homes and found the Zen flirtatious and happy inside.

Don't miss some of the prettiest DIY ideas for planting, potting and styling plants for the indoors and outdoors and innovative green-scaping (Courtesy : Arishi Greens) 

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A Jhoola for your succulents; why not <3

fabulous DIY to hanging up potted plants

Don't miss the li'l mushroom and the crane with the mighty beak

Hanging up bells and and diyas on brackets of varied metallic colors never goes out of style. Styling interiors is also about finding the right corners and crevices to hang things from. It adds beautifully to the dimension of the space and adds a perspective to the item being put up.


The serenity of my parental home remains undiluted, the familiar furniture retains their warmth

The memory wall that brought many smiles to my Mom

Evocative placement of outdoor craft on green swatches 
Just how quaint is this DIY potting

The terrace that cohabits Zen and fantastic green-scaping

Did I ever tell you about my love of Doorways and Hallways. At Mom's.
A view of the living room

Succulents that I brought back home 
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