Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Of Makeovers and home love

Home makeovers exist in an ongoing, organic continuum.

In a satisfying way, only the homemaker knows what really is new and the newness.

It's in every art and accessory re-positioned, every wall modified, every corner re-jigged, every art put away and/or replaced, every cushion replaced, in short, every small detail added or removed.

Of course, the big modifications are more visible as also more demanding and time-consuming. They are very satisfying considering the havoc that was borne while the masons and carpenters were running amok. But for me these are relatively finite.

The infinite charm of the less noisy changes in a makeover is really what constitute the gooey, personal space of warmth and happiness for the homeowner. Well, to tell you the truth, it does big time for me!  And the flip-addictive-side to it is that it is never done; I am never truly able to commit on a given day that the makeover is done, or simply say freeze-frame!

Till the infinity lingers here's a #currenthomeview. Some select vignettes.

To tell you a truth : I have a grey fixation at the moment! All kind of Greys talk to me ; on walls, as upholstery, in flooring, as rugs. For now I've settled for this absolutely comfy pin tucked armchair! And thank God, my son loves this seat that's donning his comfort spot in the living area.
I have a grey fixation at the moment and a lots of colours to support the Grey:)
This Gujarati chair got placed in my bedroom

This beautiful sandstone Buddha bust : yet another at home but probably the largest we have. When N repeatedly insisted we get it, I only presented mild resistance! #whatsnottolike and that mirror frames him so very aptly. The search for a mirror was on forever; and as Murphy's law suggests found it at the most common, most underestimated place. All in all, it has all come together so beautifully.

You can see below the new textured wall - an audacious adventure for a home which has always believed in beige and cream for walls. And it looks so gorgeous : a sheer leap of faith.

And you can see the brand new entrance. I love how the door now stands grand and wide and lends fair gravitas to the entrance lobby.

This is what happens when both the homemakers have similar desires about their home. The bigger cog in the wheel to any move to minimalism is when both have similar aesthetics and urge to own. Both N and me fell in love with this chair at Sanskriti Lifestyle - Pune. Of course we brought it home with us.
Something about this Chair stole our heart : yet another addition from Sanskriti@Pune

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