Tuesday, 6 December 2016

of Gratefulness and December

Hello Peeps, I've been gone but have been here all the time:). Hope you have been well too!

It's December calling—a month on a kind of default-setting of summaries, salutations, rumination, hope, gratitude, feeling settled, baking, waking up to the urgency of planning our holiday, questioning my comfort cocoon that built-up in the year and a-note-to-self to tease me out of it in the next visible time-frame. 

December is also the month when my boy-child rounds off another year of being in our life and yes all that benign beauty of Christmas.

As I write this post there are seven other things that I am reminded of, that I need to attend to, that needed to have been started (or closed) yesterday—feeling the sudden rush of the week sliding into it's second-run in the month. WE HAVE YET TO PUT UP THE TREE !! and the birthday party, and  the holiday checklist...!

So as I clicked some random morning frames, I thought of you and many others who so frequently stop by, read, comment or just send me love ('n Likes) that helps me write a few more posts through the year. And so today it is my turn to reciprocate a big THANK YOU and send you a grateful Namaste as I blow you a wish for many islands of calm and Being, amidst the rush of checklists, resolutions and the all-consuming-Doing.


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