Sunday, 5 May 2013

My Day in a FRame

Was one of those days - a Sunday, in a timeless sort of rhythm;
my 5-yr old and me, and an inexplicable lethargic spontaneity
waiting to burst into some expression!

The urge almost weighing me down and out of any habitual activity
(dusting, ironing, making breakfast and you know the rest),
"are you crazy to waste away in the mundane today?!!"
on a morning awash in the willfully shaded rooms, with the Sun blazing away beyond my curtains.

I took the colors out (somewhat gingerly)
and everything else that was meant to be,
and with another inexplicable urge made myself a cup-pa Coffee (i am strictly a Tea person)
Decided to give-in to the Day.

some Days are better left unquestioned or simply, just surrendered to.

I feel rested now : Afternoon Sunday, July 5, 2013

Work & Photographs Copyrighted to by Nivedita Das Narayan


  1. Very pretty! Thought you were making a peacock! But paisley prints are my favorite...

  2. thanks Reshma, yes it does gives an illusion of a peacock! it kept taking shape as I went along:)

  3. "on a morning awash in the willfully shaded rooms" Your posts burst with lush language. I loved the pictorial tour of your loved dwellings and things. Looking forward to seeing you do up your new place!


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