Friday, 5 April 2013

I've got the bLues...

Summer's Springing at my doorstep when the Reds start to look too warm

I feel this urge to douse the warm in some cool cool hUes

so this, my friends, is of the bLues that invade me this weekend,

I allow them in -

calm, cool; in drops and shades; of the sky above,

as of the water across the end of this city - that is my Home !

Un Captionable

Fruit of temptation : My brand new Ikat printed Candle Stand
I know I'm soon shifting out and my pledge to self has been to freeze on any new additions; but tell me, tell me! - could you have resisted such gorgeous accessories, in shades that have seized your mind & being at the moment!

 Ikat continues to invade my moodiness these days - from the Reds to the Blues - just a climb down to cooler climes:)

Photo Credits: all pictures by me this weekend, copyrighted.


  1. I soo waited for your post! It was all well worth it! loved all the blues, it does gives a beautiful calm feeling to your beautiful home!

    1. thank you from my heart , you made my day!

  2. You have a gorgeous home and your taste is impeccable!


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