Monday, 12 March 2012


We're going to be moving again...yes, and so a lot of my time is being consumed in the process that will make that happen! Am missing blogging, am missing my time with the camera and hence the moments that many-a-time are so worth capturing!

While this continues for a while am sharing some of my table-scapes that will soon be dismantled, arranged, rearranged and re-grouped to whisper the mood of my next home!


  1. Hi Nivi,

    Good to read your blog. Lovely, beautiful spaces and things. Keep it going. I believe you are on the move again...where to now? All the best and may you have many more fantastic experiences to cherish. Stay in touch.

    Deepa George

    1. Hey Deepa,
      Am guessing you're back in Goa! lemme know when here next
      Am moving closer to Aadi's school within Mumbai JVLR (he starts big school in August!), so not too far at all. and am sure going to be in touch. Our yearly trip to Goa didn't happen last year. Perhaps meet you in Goa this year :).Love, N

  2. I hope you have good move! Lovely clicks and I must say you will miss your nooks again!


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