Saturday, 25 February 2012

Pink - the Rani of 'em all this season!

Is it me blushing or is a lot of Pinks & Florals casting their spell this season! A lot of the blogs that I read have the color on their current posts here, and of course here, the color & prints seem to be hueing up my home in bits in pieces and today, one of the pages I look forward to in this morning's papers just splashed the pink in holi-is-here kind of abundance!
Off the net

Courtesy iDiva, Times of India, Mumbai. Hey don't miss the pretty Pink Stool

Lovely florals in pink hues on the Jaipur Bed cover & Cushions
and delicately etched floral bordering on the mirror

How pretty do these florals look on this tea set !

Image courtesy Shannon Darby's
And Carpets, whether on the wall or for you to warm your feet on...

Courtesy Jessica Helgerson in Gray Magazine

My very own dash of Pink in my living room
Have a super Pink season, and as for me who took the Pink to be rather generic for most of my life, am quite falling over me over this new found love!!

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