Thursday, 26 January 2012

Colors of the glass

Have been very preoccupied (with life mostly) and am unable to bring all of myself to post; but hey there's always those lovely memories of some inspiration, some beautiful touches, some colors & shades spotted somewhere and I think, these blank periods can certainly do with some livening up with those moments 'frozen' in time?!

By the time I'm sharing this special one of the sunlight filtering in through the cane-woven blinds, am feeling much lighter & lit-up, literally

Who's coming to tea...

and stunning images of a virtually lit up ceiling in an Istanbul bar (Images courtesy: Narayan)

and I realise that the theme is so timeless that I have to end with 'to be continued'... Love & thank you for listening in!

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  1. First time here impressed with the colorful posts in this post I loved all the Louis n shades of light very wonderfulllll


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