Friday, 23 October 2015

Luscious Indigo for this Season

I get a lot of mail being the curator of this page. A significant few are from young entrepreneurs, about long-held dreams put into action or taking shape, from start-up ventures that’ve received funding or are looking for it, young dreamers, artists, architects, designers bringing their creative talent and subsequent degrees in fashion, design, engineering, consulting (yes all of that) to the interiors/ decor/ design space. Much of this communication is with a request for reviewing their products, their online store, feedback on their designs and requests for writing about their new line / new season launch and such like.

So far, all of them have met with my polite no with a congratulatory nod for their continued success. To confess, I do admire and stop by to read about some of them, those who seem to have their heart entangled somewhere in the proposition.

One recent introduction from the 24-year old duo of Gazal and Nayanika rocked my heart when they said that their venture “...was born out of numerous car ride discussions to and from college.” A rush of memories about many discussions and dream-weaving chats with some in my own life prompted me to engage further with them and led to this idea of a photo shoot of their creations at my favourite and only studio – my home ! And how the color and patterns would look in the different settings within my Home! 

The venture is named IDAM, a print and surface design studio that wants to bring its aesthetics onto contemporary home and lifestyle products www.idamstore.comIf you’re a follower of my Blog you would know my absolute love for Indigo and blues and how it has (repeatedly) showed up in numerous spaces of my life and home on this blog. IDAM's Indigo bandhni collection caught my fancy for the sheer richness of this natural dye and the patterns they have been able to dream up in the shape of this collection of cushion covers. 
My Daybed Indigoed in the morning Sun
Some gorgeous Indigo MoodBoards
Mood boarding Turkish and Indian blues


And in my master bedroom  

Gazal & Nayanika (was refreshing to receive sheer Joy as profile images) Good luck girls!

All IDAM images copyrighted to All other images pinned from Pinterest

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