Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Overlooking a rather cloudy Thursday morning!

As we step into a long weekend,
and pack our bags to a short break away from the 'this & now'
I pause - ever so gently:
Did I give you enough attention?
Was I really here, while I was here?
Familiar tugs, known longings,
stirrings-of-emotions pulled out from the DNA-pile
like always,
every-time it's time to move on.
I pause
(looking around)
Wish we'd use this pretty space more often!

Reflections - is what I see!


  1. I hear you...been feeling something along these lines but couldn't put my finger on it / articulate it as well as you did!

  2. Poetess... And very "understandable" too...

  3. Generally, when I visit any interior decor blogs, I always look for pictures. However, your narrative style is more compelling than the lovely pictures on your blog!

    1. Thank you that's a precious pat on the back for me!


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