Monday, 2 March 2015

Books are everywhere (ought to be)!

We've been nomadic, leaving homes and arriving at a new, moving houses and/ or cities, averaging a shift every two years! Some others have travelled all that distance with us - most are subjects of many of my posts on this blog and some others un-mentioned though stoic in their presence!

Today I talk about the latter - our books.

If you've followed my home tours you would have spied them in various frames - lined up in my living room, framing my dining areas, standing tall in my study & bedrooms. Consequently, many bookshelves were acquired, and some given away! I can remember a year or two when we had to acquire more than one new bookshelf to ensure our books don't feel too nomadic and to give the new joiners some respectable seating!

Our current home is gorgeous in the many window shelves (a.k.a ledges) that it offers—potential home to the various hard backs and paper backs —within their breadth. Of all, the most dramatic is the little book-cum-reading nook in my bathroom!


Cosily inviting, right!

You can do it too! You can literally inject life into a dull space by placing some of your favourite titles - lined up, leaning, lying down or simply between fun book-ends. Here, I share some more ideas from my picture-treasure trove of bookshelves - stuff of dreams! (courtesy : various sources)

Ah, soaked in books!
Source : unknown

This one could surely be about books
Unknown Source

Source : unknown
Source : unknown

They sure deserve framing
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All pictures of my home copyrighted to, and taken by me.

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  1. Hi Nivedita,

    Congratulations on the recent interview as a blogger. A book bed may be of interest in your collection if on twitter (QI Elves). Can't post as may be copyrighted and may lead to a nightmare literally and figuratively when I rest on my pillow.


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