Thursday, 5 June 2014

Been away... just a bit longer than then...

It's almost like a dry spell has hit me, a spell where there's no dearth of water in sight but also that the parched throat is not choking me up enough to haul or crawl the distance to that Oasis of creative outbursts! Ooohhh ... it does feel a lot better just having said that :)

So here I am breaking the tradition of mostly posting about me, moi and my nest, in an attempt to feel ME crawling back - slowly bit by bit, knee by knee, to that still, transparent, aquamarine nook of blue - to let it touch my throat again, to gently tiltilate the parched corners, to silently tantalise the cracks that built themselves in the last months, to get a whiff of what it felt (feels) like to be in the deluge of it; to drink in it

and Oh! to feel that replete!
Oh how I wish this was my corridoor... Morocco Anyone?!
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Are You waiting to leave me... can you see all of us staring at you?.. with the love, not the longing! 

We are all still here... colourful, sunny, waiting for You to pick me up & flip through my pages; in the quiet warmth of my rich tapestary of colours

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