Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Boudoir Bohemia.

I love it how the warmth of the colors on my wall textile reflects the colors of the one on the floor and how beautifully they complement the hues of the canvas & my bedside lamp.

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He sits serene, purveying, spreading his Buddha presence.


  1. Nivi, I love this beautiful room - is this in Singapore? From the pics it looks like the room curves and there's a lovely balcony outside - how totally beautiful! - Shalini

    1. Yup Shals the balcony (more like a deck) kind of curves with a view of these host of slope-roofed old bungalows, a novelty in this city of high rises -! Yes Singapore!

  2. Gorgeously gorgeous Nivedita!! Love every single inch of this space.!


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