Wednesday, 11 September 2013

A Home in No Man's Land

Source : NYT

where the Berlin Wall stood

Am awestruck by the sheer audacity, visualization and romance of building a home of such material :-  on a stretch of land till very recently a death-strip, in such a home you live with your growing-up kids, a home designed with no particular desire to demarcate spaces or define privacy in the conventional sense; yet a Home built with an acute understanding and awe of the recent historical magnificence of the land where it stands.  As Ms. Schröder said. “Every day I look out on the foundations of a house from which people jumped from the windows to escape to the West. The paving stones my kids run over in front of our house map the route of the tunnels that were dug by people desperate to leave the G.D.R. It is living history for me.” Full article

Whatever you do, don't miss the slideshow of the interiors:

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