Thursday, 28 February 2013


Hello there,

Last afternoon and this morning I've had bouts of existential emotion around why I am neglecting loving the moments and magic of my current (rented) abode! And it all kind of came to a head when we were blessed with the first-ever tour of our very own apartment that is due to be handed over in March (oh we 're there already:)),  some emotions, light moodiness and sheer gladness in the heart!

And so through the last 24 hours, I re-dialed into my very own maxim of loving every home that I live in : the people and the moments make it and not the legal owner & the ownership equation! Sharing some moments of that 'loving' with you

I cannot help but mention how much Red dominates my color scheme of the moment! It's reflected in the glassware, in my favorite nooks, in cushions and upholstery, in art and figurines that have taken centre stage during these months! Yes I do move things around to achieve a certain mood that could be so personal and so difficult to put in words! And am loving the Red that is coming through in my frames, and in this post : 
Red = Love (wink, wink!!)

My gorgeous collection of Ikat cushions that I picked up at various Sale occasions, locally. I am looking to diversify the colors & patterns, but have not found much to choose from! So if you chance upon some beautiful, colorful Ikat cushion covers, upholstery or any such do mark me in please. And it would be a dream to find some in white and pearly hues - Summer's here soon!

My treasured miniature of a Mughal painting, which I finally got framed
Paisleys and Red

He sits serene, purveys and many a times, casts his spell. 
Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

So, till the next burst of love... thanks for stopping by, my friends!

Image Credits & Copyright are mine, in natural light!


  1. Hi.. I just happened to stumble upon your blog by change and it picked on my interest. I like your collectibles.. particularly the painting and the lamp on the chest-of-drawers. Would really be interested in knowing from where you got that lamp?


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