Friday, 4 January 2013

Happy in 2013, a New Year

Hello there friends,

As always the first few days of this spanking new year are a whirr till I had to write down the date while filling up a certain form and wham! I realized I 'd forgotten to do one of the things that I'd always planned to do - post a New Year wish or just something that says that wishing everyone a fulfilling year has always been on my mind :)

2013, this is and should be a unique year in our lives as we get formal possession of our own Home sometime soon, than later in the year. Yes a big step for us wanderers who till now had reveled in escaping being tied-down to a piece of immovable acquisition! And so a lot of anticipation, castles in the mind and ideas swirling around creating fleeting images of how a nook, a wall would look and where to incorporate a certain something that both of us have always wanted, and zillion other visual ideas, vivid or otherwise!

So here begins a series of visuals that catch my fancy in the romantic hope of finding expression in some manner, even in a hint, in our Home and Yes the images will be in no particular order, sometimes reproduced for just the mood it evokes - enjoy !!

Oh the colors in this frame, how I hope to have some elegant pastels in some corners

Desperately looking for bookshelf ideas to house all the books that belong to the acquisitive us

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  1. Brilliant, Nivi. So excited that you're moving to your own home - it'll be so much fun to do it up and pick up the perfect pieces for your new homw - all the best - will be waiting for the pics!


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