Sunday, 28 October 2012


... the year is almost drawing to a close, what with a visit to Pune planned for Dussehra and a Delhi visit on the anvil for Diwali & Bhai dooj and December being the month when my precious boy turns 5, I am thinking I should just go ahead and share my present home before it is time to move again!! Yes,  did I tell you that our own home is getting into almost final stages before we get a handover early next year!

and so here goes some visuals of my current abode, clicked on different days (and times of the day), different kinds of light through the last six months of summer & monsoon. As I have said, nothing is ever settled in my home, the placement of that cushion, or that piece of artifact, or that color match, almost always in a whirl of flux, so reflecting my mood of that day and that of the light that is filtering in!

This home is kind of a rectangular spread of space, two apartments made into one by knocking off the wall in the middle. So the result is this broad un-artistic doorway, wide rectangular space, a bit too much to hold my treasured belongings:). The challenge, if there was one, was thus to give the space some visual partitions, create separate dwelling spaces and give the wide frame some visual reprieve, aesthetically. A well heeded promise that my husband and I made before we moved into this rented place was not to acquire even a single new piece of furniture or artifact while in this house or before we move to our own. Hence, this totally negated the most adopted option of filling up odd and empty spaces by acquiring new odds and ends. This, believe me, has been the toughest promise to keep to ourselves!! That's another reason why the state of flux is so real and so imminent as I choose some of my favorite frames to share -

this favorite book shelf lends itself to a visual partition to the TV lounge area.

The welcome spread as we enter the living space

All pictures clicked by me. 


  1. Nivedita, loved every single inch of your space, loved all the book shelves, crockery shelves, all the beautiful wood!! lovelllyyyy!

  2. Fab as usual... You're not just good with words, you're turning out to be incredibly good with your clicking prowess as well...

    Your sense of aesthetics is wow and I can see the beauty in each frame - that is high praise coming from someone as aesthetically challenged as me :)

    1. He he, now that is truly high praise Abha! thanks for spending time on my madness, really!

  3. Fantastic, Nivs

    I can't believe I missed this post. Your house is always beautiful and I love how you've used existing pieces in such different ways. Always tough not to purchase for a rented acco - I am truly envious - I loved the picture of the Buddhas, looking out at your dining area - fantastic pic.

    1. thanks Shalini - that Buddha one is my favorite too:)

      You have a fabulous home too and that camera of yours that you love to look through- use it and send some pics my way.


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