Wednesday, 30 May 2012

All in the name, you see!

When I named my blog, images such as these, I mean subconsciously, would have been my inspiration for lime green walls, and I was reminded of them as I chanced upon this link on House Beautiful here on Lime green, pear green, mint green, pistachio green, moss green, green all evoke images that are happy, pretty, in sync with the outdoors and I just couldn't turn away without sharing some of these wonderful green inspired interiors. You would just want to break off and put parts of these delectable images in your mouth and relish the devouring!

A living room in Alabama
and Oh I have indeed moved house and parts of the pieces are slowly falling back together as we spend day by day finding a slant, an angle, a nook or a hook, a shade or a spotlight, to put up or simply place the  ingredients that have constituted, again and again, our home by lending their own twist to every new house till it acquires the Home nomenclature. It's immensely WIP, but this is what I revel in, the process of setting up, seeing things in different lights (at different parts of the day) before finalising a resting for a curious craft or artifact or a painting. So while I'm still some weeks away from sharing my favorite corner, tablescape or my son's new nook in the sun, this is my hello to you all who know exactly what I'm talking about. Love and sunshine and a dash of Green...

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