Thursday, 29 December 2011

of Brocades and new Beginnings

Completed two years without my Dad today, December 29, 2011. Just so many thoughts and feelings interlocked, woven together, some nostalgic, some sombre, some happy & hopeful and none too sad! And some traces of resolve to do things differently, and try do different things as I tip-toe into 2012 - traces of a golden lining in the distant sky quite in sync with my (few) new acquisitions to liven up life, so to say!

These speak of my mood these days  - golden synchrony in Cushions as we happily allow in more of the Sun, multiplied in zillion sparkles across the Arabian sea that my windows overlook, during these lovely balmy Mumbai- winter days.

Happy holidays and Happy beginnings,
Hello 2012.


  1. New to your blog.I really enjoyed going thru the pictures.loved it .those cushions and Turkish bowls are absolutely gorgeous:)
    Would love see you over at my space


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